Devotional Books and Commentaries

302 pages

Psalm 119: Treasure for the godly

By Robert Jones

The longest chapter in the Bible, Psalm 119 is a precious treasure to the child of God. This work contains insightful comments on every verse of Psalm 119, handily arranged in daily readings that not only provides the reader a half a year's devotional readings, but takes you on a journey of comparing Scripture with Scripture. This work will be a wonderful addition to your personal time with the Lord in His Word.

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116 pages

LET GOD BE Magnified: meditations from isaiah 40

By Robert Jones

A marvelous work of 60 daily readings from one of the richest chapters of the Old Testament: Isaiah 40. This passage is an unexhaustable mine of comfort and strength whch flow from a knowledge of God's attributes. Jones' proven worth as an expositor is appreciated by those who have read his remarks on Psalm 119.