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The King's Blooming Rose Volume 14#1
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  • Blossom in God's Word » By Mrs. Marsha H.
    As you grow into a young woman, your most important responsibility is to invest in your relationship with and understanding of God. Mrs. H. challenges girls to take the initiative to build their walk with the Lord!
  • Come and Be Fed: Ways to Develop a Personal Bible Time » by Gabriella I.
    There are many ways to study God's Word, but having a method helps keep your Bible time focused and purposeful. Gabriella shares several helpful study methods.
  • Why (and How) Do You Love God? » by Samantha R.
    Why is our relationship with the Lord, and loving Him first and foremost, so important? The reason is compelling - and life changing.
  • The Surpassing Greatness of God » Interview with Mrs. Margy Tripp
    Speaking from years of walking with the Lord, Mrs. Tripp shares priceless wisdom on the importance of prayer, loving God through life's disappointments, and finding hope and counsel in the Word of God.



  • Journeying Heavenward » with editor Sarah Bryant and assistant editor Amanda Hahner
  • The Beauty of God's Holy Justice » by Emily and Anna H.
  • Lessons from My First Year of Marriage » by Bekah U.
  • Lessons Not Just Applicable to Horses » by Elisha Ann E.
  • Subscriber's Script » Meet Angela K. and her family
  • How to Make a Godly Appeal to Authority, Pt. 2 » by Mrs. Martha B.
  • Reaching Out of Our Comfort Zone to Show Christ's Love » by Ashlee D.


  • Cook's Cuisine » Soup and Bread Recipes
  • ECO » Letters and pictures from readers
  • The Bulletin Board » Ads and pen-pal requests
  • Gleanings » Q&A Column (Topics: honoring parents, not walking according to emotions, waiting for marriage)
  • The Book Nook » Good reads recommended by readers
  • Herbal Remedies » Marshmallow Root



We invite you to write for the next issue of KBR! Young ladies and older woman alike are welcome to share for the next issue. Read more contribution information here. The theme for the next issue of KBR will be:

Walking in the Light

Jesus is the light of life, and we have been called to walk in the light with Him. Ephesians 5:8-13 talks about the fruitful works of the Spirit that should permeate our lives. How should we strive to maintain a clean conscience before the Lord and a reputation above reproach before others? What does it practically look like for us to walk in righteousness without any appearance of evil, in a depraved culture? What does it mean to repent of our sins? Have you ever struggled with a certain sin and been fearful of confessing it? How did you bring it into the light through confession?

SUBMISSION DEADLINE · February 8, 2018


Please read our submission guidelines when writing for KBR. Non-thematic submissions are also welcome, such as articles, letters, poems, pictures, book reviews, prayer requests, and submissions for other regular columns.
Items received may be published on the website or held for future issues if there is not room in the next printed issue (specify if you don't want your submission on our website).