Ann Judson: Missionary Wife

One Thing I Desire
186 pages

Ann Judson: missionary wife

Edited by Mrs. Jennifer Adams

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In the early nineteenth century, the idea of a man leaving his home to take the gospel to the “heathen” was radical, but the idea of a woman accompanying him in the call—absurd!

Yet Ann believed that nothing could be more wise or “prudent” than to invest her life in eternity for the sake of Christ. After knowing Him in His redeeming love, it was unthinkable to Ann to not give her all for Him. Ann displayed a feminine strength that was not absurd but precious in the sight of God. She wrote:

For His sake Ann left for the mission field like a lamb to the slaughter. Yet she deemed Him worthy, and did not shrink back. For His name’s sake she bore up, alone, under horrific torments of body and soul that no human could undergo apart from the sustaining grace of God. Her devotion to the Lamb and willingness to follow Him wherever He led made her radiate His beauty and display His worth.

This book draws from her example of dedication to the Gospel and her role as missionary wife, faithfulness despite loneliness and sickness, trust in God's sovereignty, and her holiness of personal life.