The Young Maid: Compiled from The King's Blooming Rose Magazine

The Young Maid

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The young maid eBook

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How can daughters become their family’s pillar according to Psalm 144?

Would you like to redeem the time as a young lady and learn skills that would benefit you as a future wife and mother? Would you like valuable advice, recipes, and tips from other girls which will help you prepare to be a keeper at home?

Search no longer! Find the past four years of “The Young Maid” column from KBR Magazine compiled in this booklet. In " The Young Maid," homemaking-related questions covering topics from hospitality, to homemade cleaning recipes, to making money from home - these and more are sure to be found in this compilation of reader's advice.

topics · include

Economical Winter Menus
Decoration Ideas
Farmer’s Markets
Hope Chests
Economical Household Cleaners
Modest Clothing Sources
Scripture Memory
Earning Money From Home
Maintaining A Clean Home
Cheerful Attitudes
Life After Graduation
Preserving Produce
Home Decorating