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God-honoring, Feminine

Photographers, you are invited to share your beautiful photos! We are always using photography in KBR projects. Both nature/scenic and portrait/people photography is welcome.


Photos of beautiful nature (flowers, nature scenes, etc) are welcome, as well as photos including young ladies, their family members, or friends. Preferable shades of clothing are subtle (ie, pastel), feminine tones. We prefer candid poses; for example, walking away from the photographer or facing another direction.

Please keep in mind the dress style and modesty (if the photo includes people). We strive to extol modesty and femininity in our readers, and only use photos that we believe convey this message. We do not want to set before other girls immodest or extravagant images that might cause them to stumble or focus more on the outward appearance than the attitude of the heart. Thank you for respecting and considering this!

Images are used according to creative angle, interesting content, well-lit environment, color agreement and contrast, and overall appeal of image.

Photos can be either landscape or portrait format.

Images must be at least 150 dpi, or 1000x1400.
When submitting photos, please include name and age of photographer, and names and ages of those in photo(s). If applicable, include captions.
Email submissions as .JPEG files to submissions@kingsbloomingrose.com.


All submissions will be considered for use in future KBR projects. If your photo(s) is used in a project we will notify you; we like to send a free sample to the photographer where the photo is used.

While we do not hold the "rights" of your photos, we do prefer that the submitted photos are not printed elsewhere, so that KBR material is original. If you have questions please let us know.

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