Join us for KBR's 2017 Hymn Memorization Contest!

Speak God's truth to your heart throughout the day by singing and memorizing hymns over the next few months! Feel free to invite your family and friends to join you in the challenge.


Memorize as many hymns as you can by July 1, 2017!


∙ You can choose the hymns you'd like to memorize (all verses of each hymn must be memorized). Hymns that you have previously memorized do not count in the contest.

∙ Tunes of the hymns do not have to be memorized, but may assist you in the process.

∙ On or after July 1, 2017, recite or sing the memorized hymns to someone (only two prompts allowed per hymn). Have them sign your paper.

∙ Write the titles of the hymns you memorized on a sheet of paper, along with the number of verses in each. Submit this list to KBR via mail by July 8, 2017 (ATTN: Hymn Contest).


Winners will be chosen according to total number of hymns (or total verses) memorized, and will be announced in the autumn issue of KBR.

∙ First Place: $25 KBR Ministries Gift Certificate

∙ Second Place: Joyful Daughters Conference Recordings (CD)

∙ Runner-Up: One year subscription to KBR Magazine


We hope you will join us for this contest!