Your photo could be featured...

Whether it be a scene from a summer picnic, a sister reading to baby brother, or a gorgeous sunrise—submit your best photos for KBR's annual contest. Submit in either or both of the contest categories:


portrait category

Depict the theme of Serving the Lord in candid photography of young ladies, girls, and/or children. Examples are a girl helping her mother bake, serving dinner, etc.

nature category

Beautiful, striking scenes from God's creation that are unique, as well as interesting still life.


Winning photographs will be featured in KBR's 2018 calendar!

Monthly feature photographers will receive a free calendar.

Submission details

Each photographer may submit up to ten (10) images in any or all of the categories.

Photos must be submitted unedited and in full resolution.

Name photos: PhotographerName_SubjectName. Email photos as .JPGs to with subject line Photography Contest. Alternatively, mail via CD.

Images will be judged by interesting content, fresh perspective, lighting, color agreement, good contrast, and overall aesthetic appeal of image.

Contest deadline is August 20, 2017. We look forward to seeing your photos!